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Fresh Flowers To Express What You Can't Say

We offer lovely flowers complete with vases and greeting cards. Our flower shop located in Mornington, is a must-go one for fresh flowers.



Choose The Perfect Flowers

All flowers have a particular symbolism. Choosing the right flowers to express your feelings can be a difficult task. Flowers have different meanings for every occassion. Everyone knows that a bouquet of red roses is perfect for a romantic date and daphne's symbolises sweetness and perfect for occasions for newborn's.

At Secret Garden we take the time to help our customers choose the most appropriate flowers for specific occasions.

Trust Us To Give You The Best

With 23 years of experience in the business, our florists have the expertise to give you the best advice regarding the flowers to choose. Our team will also help you with the choice of small gifts that will compliment your flowers.

More Than Words Can Say

Some Of The Flowers We Offer And Their Symbolism

  • Asiatic Lilies - Purity, virtue, chastity
  • Orchids - Peace, Elegance, Strength, spiritual perfection
  • Proteas - Diversity and courage
  • Hydrangeas - Gratitude
  • Anthurium - Hospitality
  • Gladioli -  Faithfulness, honour and strength of character

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